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Enhancing Skills: Over 80 After-school Activities at CIS!

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-02-10 10:50:00

How does CIS ensure that our students are able to enhance the skills and further the competencies they learn in class? How is CIS able to nurture talent from such a young age?

A CIS Cornerstone: Our Unique After School Activity (ASA) Program

Our ASA program aims to help students learn additional skills that are focused on four major categories: Fine Arts (including Chinese culture), STEAM, Athletics and Leadership. These activities are designed to continuously enhance the lifelong learning of our students. Students from Pre-K2 all the way to Grade 12 can choose from plenty of ASAs. For the next few months, CIS is proud to present over 80 ASAs taught by our talented teachers and selected high-quality vendors. Students from Grade 6 and up can also choose from sports teams spread over 3 seasons!

To showcase all that we have to offer our families, CIS hosted ASA Fair on February 2, with 80 booths run by both teachers and vetted external providers. 

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