The student journey is unique for every family and individual, which is why Wellbeing and Guidance at Canadian International School of Guangzhou is at the core of everything we do, and is crucial to supporting a robust university counselling (U-Go) program. We believe that student success inside and outside of the classroom is rooted in a student’s ability to exhibit resilience and flexibility in an ever-changing world.     

We offer a holistic, student-centered approach to guidance and wellbeing to all students from Early Years throughout Senior School. All students engage in the CIS Guangzhou U-Go Program, a developmentally appropriate, personal enrichment curriculum that encompasses all areas of student development and self-discovery. Our comprehensive education plans provide students with countless opportunities for academic excellence, extracurricular and personal growth and reflection, resulting in the creation of personal learner profiles that are updated and reviewed on a regular basis, providing insightful understanding of every student at every level. Such insights provides our student education plans with pertinent information needed to support students in setting goals and making sound decisions throughout their journeys.

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When students are introduced to our unique university and careers counselling (U-Go) program, insights and unique information from students’ personal learner profiles is used to support students in continued self-understanding in Grade 7 before shifting focus to university and career research in Grade 10. Therein, students are guided in understanding popular university systems throughout the world, in the creation of personal essays and resumes and through the application process. Additionally, students are taught how to evaluate and research a university’s ethos, values, curriculum and faculty to demonstrate informed interest and ensure best fit for our students and families. By building a philosophy of self-confidence and self-awareness that starts early on, our program ensures students are in a position to pursue their dreams : Gateway to top colleges and university enrollment. QS top 50 universities have an enrolment of many CIS graduates.

Though we no doubt applaud our graduating students each year for receiving offers from top universities, colleges and specialty programs across the world, we place more importance on the fact that through our unique and extensive University Counselling (U-Go) program, our students are able to attend the colleges and universities that is THE ONE best fit their interests and goals, irrespective of rankings.

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