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The dormitory is a place where adolescents are nurtured to become independent, responsible, and self-disciplined individuals while their physical, psychological, social, academic development are being taken care of. The boarding programme, with middle and high school dorm, is open to students from Grade 7 to Grade 12.

Dorm Room Furnishing and Facilities

  • Each room has 4 sets of bunk beds, desks, and closets

  • Independent bathroom

  • Standard set of beddings upon arrival

  • Washing machines and dryers

  • Student lounge on each floor with TV and couches

Afterschool Activities for Dorm Students

Students attend a variety of activities afterschool: CIS ASAs, school team trainings, student council activities, academic program etc. Some teachers might arrange afterschool tutoring for individual students who need extra academic help. And students are welcome to use the basketball court, the fitness centre, the soccer field after school with supervision.

Dorm Programme

Apart from the school’s ASAs, the dorm also offers an educational programme for dorm students in the evening. It encompasses five areas of development, which include physical development, psychological development, social development, academic skills enhancement, and life skills development.

Example: Dorm English Activities Programme

Middle school students get to practice listening to and conversing in English through playing various board games, simple sports games, and watching movies. Through playing games and watching English movies, students get to learn to use everyday English and express themselves in English in a social setting. Learning and speaking everyday life English outside a classroom setting strengthen their English expressive skills.

Electronic Devices Usage Policy

CIS attaches importance to dormitory management, esepcially dormitary safety, including cell phones, laptops, and iPads half an hour before their designated bedtime. They can pick them up when they leave the dorm in the next morning.

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