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Build Literacy by Reading More

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-02-10 14:10:26

Dear CIS Family,

It is amazing how quickly time has passed. Soon, we will usher in a new year, the Year of the Ox. Unlike the past, we are reminded that it has been a year since the pandemic began. Although we have successfully made it this far, we must continue to be reminded to be careful and maintain our safety and security at all times. Our official Chinese New Year holiday starts on February 6, till February 21, 2021. School will reopen on Monday, February 22.


Although we have all been encouraged to remain in the province or stay home as we are still in the face of the epidemic, this is a perfect time for our children to enjoy some good reading, and maybe even prepare for the next semesters’ learning without regression.


A great way to keep up with learning and language acquisition and maintenance is to continue to build on literacy, especially reading. Simply pick up a book and read! Math and Science is also just as important as English. Many of our parents are keen to help their children keep up the momentum, and CIS is pleased to offer a unique educational solution to all parents. This program is open to all students in Guangzhou!


‘All As’ is an online education program. As part of our CIS/CIEO extension program, All As offers customized courses in English, Math and Science, taught by professional, international teachers. Courses suit individual students' needs and are conducted in groups or one-on-one classes. Parents can easily find a program that best fits them. Why not join these excellent courses to ensure that your child keeps up their learning? Find out more below.


Parents/Guardians, please remain safe at all times during the holidays. CIS cares for your health and safety. We look forward to seeing all our students and teachers back on campus on Monday, February 22. 

CIS wishes you all a prosperous, healthy and safe' Year of the Ox'. Happy holidays!

Joyce Francis and Gary Rehman
Canadian International School of Guangzhou

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