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Elevate Learning Experience in Consul General Supported Event

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-03-31

When it comes to learning Mexican Culture here in Guangzhou, there's no better educator than Consulate General of Mexico. 

CIS was honoured to host Mexican Consulate General of Guangzhou in celebrating "A Week of Mexico" via learning, culture and food. An experience of travelling to Mexico here on campus!

From March 22 to 26, the whole campus was enriched by delicious Mexican food, traditional decorations, interesting cultural activities and music performed by a genuine Mariachi Band.

Purpose of Cultural Events – Stronger the Bridges, Better the People

On March 26, CIS campus came alive with the blessing from Consul General of Mexico in Guangzhou Mr. Carlos Giralt, and the presence of Mexican Consul for Culture and Commerce Mr. Daniel Dominguez to educate our students the links between China, Mexican and Canada, as well as inspiring these future leaders the power of international community.


According to Mexican Consul of Promotion Mr. Daniel Dominguez, schools are places of extended contact between people from a range of social and cultural backgrounds. CIS believes that cultural exchange makes students smarter, more capable, international-minded humans. The patience, humility, and suspensions of judgment required to learn from others who are different invariably encourage an appreciation of multi-perspectivism.

On the other hand, schools are also places to learn and make lifelong memories through fun. Kindergarten to Grade 12 is the golden age of students, and a time for children to absorb all they can. CIS is a strong community that inspires close relationships, builds strong emotional connections and creates beautiful memories with our families. Our students’ precious and happy smiles are always what drives CIS to continually improve, and motivates all of us to collectively achieve the goal that lies ahead.

Class Activities: A Profound Learning of Mexico Through Virtual Travel

International schools are a vibrant melting pot of cultures. Here at CIS, all students are encouraged to be open-minded and embrace differences. Our staff is culturally-responsive in their daily teaching in terms of art, language, history, having the students steeped in a vividly exhibited Mexican storybook.

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Mariachi Band: Level Up Cultural Involvement to the Utmost

It wouldn't be "A Week in Mexico" without an authentic Mariachi Band! Mariachi music is a fundamental element of the Mexican Culture. "Mariachi Mezkal", a Mexican Mariachi band based in China, brought the party to a climax with some quintessential Mexican folk-derived songs that our students enjoyed at full blast!

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Flavourable Menu Introducing Exotic Food Culture

Food is the international language that shrinks the world into a global village. CIS is also proud to have our chefs trained by Guangzhou-based Mexican Restaurant Bandidos, to bring in a taste of an amazing array including Tacos, Quesadillas, Mexicali Fries and Fajitas that keep firing up a blend of vibrant stories that dive in the palates.

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In today’s step-by-step learning process, CIS students are to shaped as tomorrow’s leading world-changers!

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