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CIS Cares: Building a Caring Community, One Act at a Time

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-03-19

Research shows that we show kindness and cooperate with our community, we become happier, healthier and much more successful. Schools are the perfect place to foster and encourage more compassion and care, so as to build a more harmonious, loving and helpful society.

At CIS, our community show kindness and care in various ways, and it starts right from our management team, from the time school starts in the morning.

Every morning around 8am, Principal Gary Rehman can be seen opening our school gate and greeting every single student and teacher returning for another exciting school day. He helps students put on their school bags, ushers them to the school nurse for their daily temperature checks, and waves goodbye to parents as they drive off. Our teachers wait at the school gate and greet students as they walk up their stairs. As they enter the school lobby, the classic sounds of our grand piano fills the air, fueling our students with the beauty of music. A few steps later, students are greeted by more teachers wearing neon green safety vests, supervising them as they make their way to classrooms. This is just a typical morning at CIS, and you can only imagine how wonderful it must be for our students as they continue through the rest of the day.

“As a school, we encourage care and concern for everyone in our community, and we must support all our students, parents and teachers. Everyone matters at CIS, and a warm welcome to start the day is just one way that we build a caring learning community.”

——Mr. Gary Rehman, Principal of CIS


Increasing Students’ Engagement at School

Scientific research shows that investing time in acts such as greeting them as they arrive increases engagement. At CIS, our entire team believes that an educator’s responsibility to manage classroom atmosphere that begins at the door. In fact, all of our teaching faculty have been trained to build caring relationships with students, as well as delivering messages through daily small greetings and caring actions such as:

- Remembering every student’s name

- Asking students how they are, how their day has been so far, and other relevant questions to express interest and build connections

- Offering a high five, a pat on the back and other appropriate greetings

- Giving students due credit on completing tasks and recognizing wins, no matter how small or big

- Calling families if a child is absent from school

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We are Family, We are CIS!

Students at CIS grows up in an environment that they feel loved, respected and part of a big family. This is the CIS warmth; the door is open to welcome more friends to come and join us!

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At CIS, every child matters. CIS cares deeply about each students’ success and well-being, and maintains close communication and cooperation with our community to ensure that we meet our students’ cultural, emotional, and intellectual needs. Our holistic student- and learning-centered programs emphasize and cultivates a safe, inclusive, caring and supportive environment. Celebrating our unique cultures whilst honoring our host country is important at CIS. With over 40+ different nationalities represented at school, our students are truly a part of an international community that nurtures them to be confident and engaged global citizens. Our learners are tomorrow’s leaders!

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