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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-01-01

Last week, universities in Hong Kong SAR sent out its first round of offers to undergraduate program applicants. We are very pleased that the CIS Class of 2023 have proudly received early offers and even scholarships from the top five universities in Hong Kong!

From the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (majoring in Science with an extended major in Artificial Intelligence), one of our students has received both an early offer and a scholarship. Another early offer came from the City University of Hong Kong in Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations to the Class of 2023! 


Applications for HK Universities:

Highly Competitive and Selective

Hong Kong's higher education enjoys an excellent reputation and ranking around the world, especially for the “top five.” University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University consistently rank in the top 100 in many worldwide ranking results.

When one thinks of higher education in Hong Kong, many families think about their intensive learning resources, great location in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), and a common cultural foundation with China. This winning combination has made Hong Kong a very popular destination for applicants in the GBA and also from around the Chinese Mainland. As a result, spots at the top five universities are highly competitive, with excellent candidates from Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland and around the world applying. This demand has led to admissions requirements to skyrocket recently too, making it extremely hard to get accepted by top five universities in Hong Kong.

Yet, CIS students are continually getting offers from top universities in Hong Kong. What advantages do CIS students have? How do our students stand out from the rest?


Universities in Hong Kong have seen a sharp increase in applications from non-local students in 2022, with only 20% admissions quota available for this category. The application to acceptance rate for some competitive majors is 50:1.

The CIS Advantage: Credits from a Recognized International Curriculum

Excellent grades are of course a necessary condition to get a top offer, but there’s more too. The CIS University Guidance and Careers Office (U-GO) have been helping our graduates with their applications to HK universities. In our experience, applicants with a HK Identity Card and academic experience in an international curriculum are very attractive applicants, further strengthening our students’ ability to get accepted. Major international curriculums (Alberta, IB, A-Level, AP, etc) all place great emphasis on international mindedness, critical thinking, inquiry and innovation skills, and these are key skills that top universities are looking for.


The Alberta High School Diploma (CIS’s official diploma certificate) is included in the list of International Diplomas recognized by HK Universities. Some majors like AI specifically requires the highest level of Maths, which is offered by CIS too. 

The CIS Advantage: Enhance Cultural Understanding and Language Abilities From the Very Beginning

As the economic and cultural center of Asia, diversity and inclusivity are in Hong Kong’s fabric. English is the instructional language in many universities, and students have classmates from around the world. For university admissions officers, applicants with international curriculum learning experience, a global, culturally diverse mindset and proficient academic English skills in high school or even earlier, are ideal candidates. It is easier for these students to fit in, demonstrate their skills, and carry out positive actions in their academic journey at university.


CIS Advantage: Our Offers from Top Universities in Hong Kong

With 8 graduating classes to date, our graduates have received offers from all the top five universities in Hong Kong, and several have received scholarships. These HK acceptances are proof of the CIS’ advantage as an international school, the global recognition of Alberta High School Diploma, and the academic excellence of our amazing graduates.


CIS Advantage: Unlimited Possibilities

We are very excited that all of our graduates that received offers from their dream universities. The globally recognized Alberta Diploma enables them to apply to universities not only in Hong Kong, but also around the world, with the support of CIS’ U-GO. Our alumni are pursuing their dreams at top universities in Canada, US, UK, Australia, and China (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland). As parents and educators, the best gift we can provide for our children is unlimited possibilities and the freedom to pursue one’s choices.

CIS is committed to being your child's partner in their education journey. If you want to discuss your child’s possibilities at CIS or to top schools worldwide, book an appointment with us today and we’d love to share our insights!

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