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Celebrating a Successful Year in Athletics

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-06-17

This week, we celebrated the end of our year in athletics by hosting our end-of-year athletics awards ceremony. Individual awards were handed to our Middle and High School student athletes in all sports. 

This has been a remarkable year for Grizzly Sports and despite the unfortunate event cancellations in season three due to the pandemic, we have had a fantastic, action-packed season one and two. Even those who didn’t compete in season three worked very hard in practice and will take what they’ve learned into next year. This year, we have witnessed growth in all areas and we can proudly say that we are one of very few schools with a fully mature K-12 athletics program.


A successful athletics program exists when:

· We successfully combine athletics with academics

· Define the rules and responsibilities of the director of sports, coaches and student athletes

· Structure effective practice time for all Grizzly Sports teams

· Plan seasons in advance and offer as many fixtures and tournaments as we can

· Build effective cooperative relationships between us and other international schools

· We get our student athletes to grasp and understand the value of improving the overall sporting culture and show them how to do so.


As we wrap up the year and as I reflect on these factors, I feel a great deal of pride that we were able to hit and excel in most of these targets.

As mentioned to our athletes during the assembly, CIS is VERY thankful for all the hard-working coaches who gave up so many hours and weekends to help our student athletes get the most out of this experience. We are also grateful for the hardworking support staff who have been standing strong behind our growing athletics program.

Congratulations to all athletes, teams and coaches for a successful year in athletics.


—— Joseph Attya

        CIS Athletics Director

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