Learning Has No Boundaries

As a Canadian international school in China, it is critical to engage in cross-cultural learning and exchange, both within and outside of our community. As cultural ambassadors, we are not only bringing Canadian culture to China, but also embedding Chinese culture in Canadian education. Our purpose is to inspire our students to commit to understanding diversity; and to learning about the world in a way that books can never reveal.

Our very own principal, Mr. Gary Rehman, set a perfect example of how we do it.


On December 17, Mr. Rehman taught online a live English class to the students at Guangfu Central Primary School in Jiaoling County, Meizhou, Guangdong. From traditional Chinese and Canadian festivals to the wild animals in Canada, students were actively engaged in the classes and two periods passed in a blink of an eye! Their smiling faces were the best gifts for the holiday season. This is one of the activities of "Guangzhou Foreign Experts Volunteer Teaching" organized by the Guangzhou Association of International Exchange of Personnel.


“Our school is in a rural area in Guangdong. Most of our students have limited accessibility to international classes. You encouraged them to speak English to a native speaker for the first time. After the class, their interest in English has increased tremendously. Our English teachers have learned and benefited a lot too. We're truly grateful for the contribution made by CIS.”

——Mr. Liu, Principal of Guangfu Central Primary School


Thank You Letter From Guangfu Central Primary School

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