We’ve found that personal recommendations from parents like you have been incredibly valuable, and we would like to acknowledge the overwhelming appreciation we have been receiving from many CIS parents who share our vision to create a holistic learning experience for our students. 

We are extremely pleased to introduce the CIS Parent Ambassador Referral Reward, whereby any CIS parent can refer other families to CIS and receive multiple rewards! 


The process of referral rewards is as follows:

· Call us or write to us (020-3993 9920 / to refer a student / family.

· You will receive an acknowledgement from our friendly Admissions team

· We will inform you when the child is enrolled at CIS.

· Your referral reward will be sent to you.

For more details, please feel free to contact CIS Admissions. We'd love to grow our caring international community with your help!

You have questions, we got answers!

Please scan the WeChat QR Code for one-on-one admissions inquiry, or call the admission hotline 020-39939920 / 139 2402 5321