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TEDxCIS Guangzhou Youth

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2024-04-23

Exploration is the essence of the human spirit. It drives us to relentlessly pursue knowledge, push boundaries, and embrace the unknown, shaping our collective destiny.


On the afternoon of April 19, TEDxCIS Guangzhou Youth was held at CIS. This year's event, themed "Exploration," featured eight student speakers from grades 7-12. They delivered inspiring talks and ideas worth sharing on the following topics:

1. "The Personal Journey: Redefining Success and Finding Fulfillment"

2. "The Psychology of Happiness"

3. "Self-Discovery"

4. "Embracing the Future with New Technologies"

5. "Space Exploration"

6. "Finding Joy"

7. "Having Courage"

8. "Breaking the Cycle of Depression"



Our speakers have dedicated the past eight months preparing for this event. Their presentations delved into the topic of exploration, offering unique insights and perspectives from the younger generation. They truly inspired students and parents alike with their thought-provoking ideas and diverse viewpoints.

Ms. Su, English teacher and this year’s Tedx CIS Guangzhou Youth organizer, commented, "This is thanks to our rigorous Alberta curriculum and our PYP framework. CIS is committed to cultivating global citizens who are actively engaged in environmental and social issues at both local and global levels, encouraging close collaboration among staff, parents, and students. As we continue to nurture a community of lifelong learners, TEDx serves as a testament to our commitment to empowering students to explore, innovate, and make a positive impact on the world around them."

TED is one of the most influential speaking platforms worldwide, with past speakers including former U.S. President Bill Clinton, renowned entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Elon Musk, and several Nobel Prize winners.

TEDxCIS Guangzhou Youth is an event authorized by TED and independently organized by CIS. For the past three consecutive years, TEDx has been hosted at CIS, providing a unique platform for students to share their ideas and perspectives with the world. This event not only cultivates students’ international mindset and core competencies but also lays a solid foundation for their future success. In organizing the event, CIS also gives students ample opportunities to lead and think independently, which has been well-received by audiences and peers alike.



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Highlights of the speeches will be released on the CIS WeChat video channel. Stay tuned! 

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