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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2024-01-26

Our CIS Toddler to Kindergarten homeroom teachers and EAs were proud to attend an ECE Professional Development Conference at our sister school, The International School of Macao (TIS). The conference, themed "Creativity, Competence, and Confidence in the Early Years," provided an excellent platform for our teachers to exchange knowledge with other teachers and EAs, and explore new and innovative approaches in education.

The Power of Play

One of the highlights of the conference was the insightful presentation by Ann Van Dam, a renowned expert in early childhood education. Her keynote address on "The Power of Play and Documentation" captivated our teachers, shedding light on the significance of play-based learning and the role of documentation in understanding children's development. Through her expertise, she emphasized the importance of fostering creativity, competence, and confidence in the early years, which is a key feature of the CIS ECE program too.


Inspirational, Practical and Personalized Development

During the conference, CIS ECE teachers had the opportunity to choose specialized teaching and learning sessions that aligned with their interests and professional goals for their students and classes. The tailored sessions provided valuable insights and practical strategies that our teachers can now implement in their classrooms to benefit our young students. Our teachers and EAs also had the chance to visit classrooms and learning spaces, giving them further insights.


Our Commitment to Teacher Professional Growth

CIS reaffirmed its commitment to providing continuous professional development opportunities for its ECE and Kindergarten team, and we know that the knowledge gained by our teachers and EAs from the conference will further enrich the teaching practices and curriculum at CIS, ensuring that our students receive the best and most well-rounded education. 


By investing in professional growth for all staff, CIS ensures that our educators are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the best learning experiences for our young learners.

(*Photos from TIS)

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