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CIS Vision: International-Mindedness

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-11-03


At CIS, we are truly fueled by an unwavering commitment to nurturing a passion for lifelong learning, fostering global citizenship, and cultivating an international outlook among our diverse students. Our motto ‘Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow" drives us to tirelessly equip our students with the essential qualities that transform them into conscientious global leaders, ready to contribute to a more compassionate, harmonious and empathetic world.

In line with the vernacular used, we’re raising international-minded students here at CIS. But what does it truly mean to be international-minded? Are we defined by our ethnicity, nationality, accent and/or might we say, the way we look? Or does the concept of international-mindedness go far beyond and above?

We come from 45+ different nationalities from around the world.

Carolyn Savage, an independent educational consultant in the UK, very aptly describes what is to be an international-minded learner. She says, “Put simply, international- mindedness means understanding, respecting and valuing different cultures, embracing diversity and knowing that different perspectives have a great deal to offer.”

Learning about the world around us.

At CIS, everything we do is centered around this very idea. 

At CIS, we envision our students as fully knowing and recognizing diversity, and seeking various perspectives, while at the same time knowing that we are all part of one big global community. 

We continue to focus student inquiries on globally significant issues/opportunities, such as those identified in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in our Units of Inquiry in the IB PYP, and through the Alberta curriculum. 

We constantly create opportunities for students to share different perspectives, traditions, insights and knowledge with others who may come from completely different backgrounds, to support each other in developing intercultural understanding and empathy. 

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We look to always embrace multilingualism and the importance of it, highlighting the IB Learner Profiles and the Alberta Core Competencies as they provide the foundational dispositions for the development of international-mindedness. 

And all in all, we’re very grateful for all that we have here at CIS, and we are reminded every day of the immense potential within each of our students to embrace diversity, act with compassion, and think beyond borders.

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Together, our caring community is truly a unified force, distinctively bound by a shared commitment to making our world a more peaceful and better place. With international-mindedness deeply ingrained in all our students, these young and ambitious minds are all set to embark on a journey of impactful learning and responsible global citizenship, creating a brighter future for themselves and generations to come. #WeAreCIS

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