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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-10-20


Welcome to #CISFutureReady, our monthly posts from the CIS University Guidance Office (U-GO). We are so excited to share all our informational updates, whether it be a university visit or a chance to attend a careers fair.

Who We Are


CIS U-GO offers information, professional advice and counseling concerning the different aspects of a university/study career. Our mission is to help families navigate the ins and outs of life beyond school. We particularly seek to ensure that all our High School students have a comprehensive understanding of the Alberta curriculum during their time at CIS, so they can make informed choices, leading to success beyond CIS and during university. Additionally, U-GO strives to help them develop a clear plan for their future dream universities, assisting them in applying to universities that best suit their individual needs.


Our Recent Focus

Our focus this month is on our High School students. Here are just some of the things we are doing at the moment. 

For Grade 10: Building Academic Profiles

- We are working with grade 10 students to establish their academic profiles by helping them identify their strengths, interests, and goals. 

- We encourage students to explore a wide range of subjects and extracurricular activities to develop a well-rounded profile. 

- We provide guidance on selecting appropriate courses for the following two years at CIS.

For Grade 11: Pivot to University Pathway Planning

- The focus is shifted in grade 11 to academic prowess. 

- We are guiding students in planning their path towards university, helping them to identify their academic strengths and interests, and to explore potential university majors and career paths. 

- We provide resources and support for researching universities and understanding admission requirements.


For Grade 12: Completing University Applications for life after CIS

- We are supporting grade 12 students in the university application process. 

- We assist them in researching and selecting suitable universities based on their interests, goals, and academic achievements. 

- We provide guidance on preparing application materials, including personal statements, recommendation letters, and resumes. 

- We also offer support during the application submission and decision-making stage.

Throughout the year and especially for all three grade levels, U-GO offers ongoing support, workshops, and individual counseling sessions to address students' academic, career, and university-related concerns. CIS encourages students and families to reflect on their strengths, interests, and personal growth, and provide guidance on how to showcase these qualities effectively in their academic records and university applications.

Upcoming U-GO events

University Visit

Join us for a University Representative Meeting on October 26, with the University of Toronto!


China Education Expo

The China Education Expo will take place on October 24. Representatives from universities will gather together to provide valuable insights into their respective education systems. Parents are invited to attend and expand their knowledge of higher education systems worldwide. Scan the QR code below to register your interest.


Important Information for Students and Families


Keep in mind the following university deadlines: 

Oct. 15th - Oxbridge applications

Nov. 1st - US Early applications 

Nov. 7th - University of Toronto Early application 

Nov. 15th  - Hong Kong Early applications


UK- UCAS, USA, AUS. CAN, HK: All university applications now are open to everyone.

If you would like to visit CIS and learn more about how 88% of our students go to top 100 universities around the world, please contact us! Our U-GO and Admissions office would love to tell you more. 

You have questions, we got answers!

Please scan the WeChat QR Code for one-on-one admissions inquiry, or call the admission hotline 020-39939920 / 139 2402 5321