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G'day, CIS Community!

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-10-27

What a thrilling week it was at CIS. Among the many workshops and events, we also celebrated Australian culture, food, travel, tourism, and plenty more!

This Thursday, CIS welcomed the Deputy Consul General (DCG) of Australia in Guangzhou, Sophie Smith, to our beautiful campus! This cultural experience reaffirms our commitment to fostering international connections, providing our students with rare opportunities to engage with global leaders, gain firsthand insights into various perspectives, and open their eyes and minds to the world around us.


Learning about Australia

During her visit, DCG Smith participated in a wide range of activities, from a short campus tour to engaging in our PreK4 Family Fun Day, where fairy bread was made and homemade Anzac cookies were enjoyed by all! She even took the time to read a Australian book to our Grade 1 and 2 students, bringing her own unique Aussie flavour to the tales. 


The highlight of the day was the Q&A session with our young PYP inquirers, where they discussed migration and homes/houses - a topic directly tied to our IB PYP Unit of Inquiry (Where We Are in Place and Time). Even though no shrimps were thrown on the barbie or boomerangs thrown around, the students got to ‘meet’ some Australian animals! And speaking of food, our kitchen cooked up delicious Australian favorites such as fish & chips, burgurs, and plenty more, all in the spirit of celebrating the land down under.


Who wants some Anzac cookies!

What a G’Day it was!


This visit from Australian DCG Smith it was a great opportunity for our international-minded students to get a taste of the wide world beyond our borders. It's these global connections that will help our students to become true future leaders in an ever more interconnected world. So, until the next time we have the chance to say, "G'day, mate!" to a visitor from the international community, we'll just say, "Hooroo for now and see you later, alligator!"


Thank you cards to Ms. Smith from CIS students. Until next time friends!

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