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Global Math Competition

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-10-01

On Saturday, September 23, 75 students from Grade 3 all the way to Grade 10 participated in the Australian Math Competition (AMC) on our campus. Our first on-campus AMC after the pandemic, our students turned out in droves to put their Math skills to the test! Did our Grizzlies exceed their potential and challenge their skills and minds?


AMC - Both a Challenge and an Inspiration 

First run in 1978, the Australian Mathematics Competition is Australia’s longest running, largest and most well-known Math competition for school-aged students. The competition contains unique problems designed each year by leading educators and academics. It's also renowned for its ability to challenge and inspire students, providing a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their mathematical prowess and problem-solving skills.


It was easy at the beginning but then the questions got harder and harder. I think I did take a few guesses in some questions.

—— G8 Student

Exceeding the general Math curriculum to challenge students, the AMC encompasses a comprehensive syllabus ranging from fundamental knowledge to advanced concepts. What sets this competition apart is its focus on not only testing students' mathematical proficiency but also their ability to think logically and critically, apply reasoning, and engage in multidimensional mathematical thinking.


Participating in the AMC is a rewarding experience that fosters a love for mathematics and nurtures the next generation of talented problem solvers.

Support in Academic ASAs 

This year, CIS is offering additional help for students wanting to learn and practice the unique skills required to be successful in math competitions. Our Math Olympics ASAs are open for Grades 4-6 and for Grades 7-9. These ASAs follow a club structure, aiming to cultivate a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and expose students to various competition formats and question types. 


These ASAs also foster a sense of camaraderie among like-minded peers, creating a stimulating and motivating environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential in the world of mathematics.

While we’re all anxiously waiting for the AMC results to come out in next 4-6 weeks, let's celebrate taking this first step in participation, and sharpen our skills for the future! Go Grizzlies!

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