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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-09-11

If you’re at the crossroads of your education journey or unsure about whether or not an international school can provide you with more possibilities and education pathways, we have answers for you!


CIS has just celebrated our 10-year anniversary, with a record number (88%) of students in the Class of 2023 receiving offers from TOP 100 universities around the world! With academic excellence at the helm of all that we do, what’s the secret behind our success? There are 5 key advantages that made CIS graduates stand out in a massively competitive university market.



Preparing for university is not just about achieving high grades (but it’s the most important one!); it also means equipping oneself with a global perspective, diverse skill sets, and a deep understanding of various cultures. Studying at an international school like CIS provides a myriad of benefits for students targeting top universities worldwide.

More About Our Graduates


The World-Recognized Alberta (Canada) Diploma

All students graduating from CIS receive the globally recognized Alberta (Canada) Diploma. This prestigious qualification is a testament to the rigorous academic training students receive here, which is a trustworthy credential that is highly valued by universities around the world, paving the way for our students to gain admission to top 100 universities worldwide.


One-on-one University and Career Consulting

We understand that each student is unique, with their own ambitions, strengths, and career aspirations. Therefore, CIS University Guidance and Career Office (UGO) offers one-on-one university and career consulting to help students make informed decisions about their future. The process starts in Grade 7, all the way to graduation. As graduation nears, our expert counselors work closely with each family, guiding them through the process of high school academic plans, university application and selection, course and career exploration, and even scholarship hunting. This personalized guidance significantly enhances our students’ chances of gaining admission to their dream universities.


CIS is also a UCAS regstered centre and SAT centre, adding value to graduates who are applying for US and UK top universities.

Enhanced Language Immersion and Holistic Education

CIS provides a fully immersive academic English environment. Students don't just learn a new language; they live it, use it in their daily interactions, studies, and extracurricular activities. This approach not only enhances language proficiency but also improves cognitive abilities and cultural appreciation. Moreover, our curriculum is designed to provide a holistic education. Apart from academics, students are engaged in a variety of activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills – all of which are highly valued by top universities.


Cultural Diversity and International Mindedness

CIS is a diverse community with students and staff from over 45 nationalities. Different cultures offer students the opportunity to learn from peers from various parts of the world before they even go abroad to universities. This cultural diversity also promotes a sense of international mindedness, fostering an understanding and respect for different perspectives, which are essential skills in our multicultural world.


 Unparalleled Advantages for University Applications 

University admissions are highly competitive, with applicants from around the world vying for limited spots. Attending an international school itself sets an applicant apart, as it shows the unique experiences he/she have had and the willingness to embrace new challenges and adapt to different environments. With the collaboration, innovation and success they embedded in their education journey here at CIS, our students are bound to be great assets to their dream schools.


The benefits that CIS provides for our graduates extend far beyond the classroom. It is the academic rigor, cultural understanding, language proficiency, and personal growth opportunities that are vital for all our Grizzlies to be successful at top universities around the world.

If you'd like to find out more about how your child can enjoy these benefits in his/her education journey towards top 100 universities around the world, call us today and book a personalized tour! We are happy to show you around and tell you more. Simply email, call or click to book a tour below. 

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