About Us

CIS firmly believes that children deserve good quality, healthy food whenever possible. Variety is very important, as is hygiene and food safety. These basic ideas have been developed to provide a core ideology for the operations of the School Canteen at CIS. We follow strict health and safety food hygiene regulations.


At CIS, we provide lunch, morning and afternoon snack every day. ECE students also have breakfast, and Dorm students have breakfast, dinner and evening snack. We have 2 cafeterias in CIS campus: Panda Dining Hall for Elementary students and our Grizzly Café for Secondary students. ECE students enjoy their meals mostly in their classroom, with the help of Life Coaches, food safety and health programs are well implemented.


School Weekly Menu

The menu consists of over 100 choices, from mains to soups, that are rotated on a weekly basis. The School aims to celebrate our diversity so for main meals, there is a choice of Western, Asian or vegetarian cooking. On Fridays, we serve cuisine from a chosen country. This is the CIS way of celebrating our international community. Menus are shared with parents every week.


Canteen Ideologies

  • Our vegetables, meat and other ingredients are sourced from Metro Supermarket. Every early morning, CIS receives a fresh delivery of stock for the day.

  • Our Chefs ensure that all dishes served at the canteen are good-quality, balanced, healthy, and from the five basic groups.

  • For breakfast, lunch and dinner, students can take as much as they want, although they are encouraged to get more vegetables. Dinner is served as a buffet.

  • Special buffet celebrations on festivals like Canadian Thanksgiving/Christmas.

  • The school ensures drinking water is available at the school and school events at all times. Students have access to their own water bottles during class lessons.

  • The school community is encouraged to model healthy eating habits.

  • Healthy food choices in canteen,including high school canteens, are promoted, e.g. morning and afternoon break always includes a fruit.


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