About Us

Bon Appétit, CIS! We're VERY excited to share some amazing upgrades to our catering services, with a more rigorous focus on quality, taste, safety, diversity, and nutrition. Here's a sneak peek into what's cooking here in the CIS kitchen! #WeCare


Safety Above All

At CIS, the safety of our students is paramount. We prioritize the highest standards of safety in our kitchen and for the ingredients we use. All materials are sourced from Metro Supermarket, with every batch tested early in the morning for quality assurance every single day. When you dine at CIS, you're indeed in safe hands.


Our kitchen has been awarded with Level A certification, the highest rating of kitchen safety standards.


Regular inspection and testing from Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration and 3rd party testing centres.

Meet Our New 5-star Chefs!

Our culinary team is the heart of our catering service. Our chefs, with their diverse backgrounds working for 5-star hotel restaurants, bring a wealth of experience to the table. 


Our entire team is dedicated to creating tasty, nutritious meals that our students have come to love. Our in-house pastry chef, better known as the creator of our legendary baguettes, cookies and birthday cakes, continues to make delicious treats that our students enjoy on a daily basis. Our chefs have delicious PD (Professional Development) too! Most recently, they spent a week in Thailand, further honing their skills in Asian and western dishes.


Stay tuned for some informative interviews with our chefs in the coming weeks!

A Healthy Balance of Global Cuisines

We understand the importance of a balanced diet for our student’s health and academic performance. Our Catering Manager works diligently to ensure that the nutritional needs of students across different age levels are met in all our meals, from breakfast and snacks to daily lunches and dinner. Parents receive the menu on a weekly basis. 


Younger students are monitored by school staff to ensure that they eat a balanced meal, with food cut into smaller pieces for ease and safety. Our secondary students enjoy a fresh salad and fruit bar every day, with delicious noodles served regularly. In addition to lunch and snacks, our boarding students have breakfast and dinner on campus on weekdays.


Celebrating our Diversity

CIS prides ourselves on our internationalism, and this is reflected in our menu too! Our kitchen serves a variety of international and local dishes throughout the week. Friday’s are dedicated to honoring a country’s culinary treasures, be it pasta for Italian Week or butter chicken during Indian Week.


We also partner with popular restaurants, chefs and international consulates to honor special cultural celebrations, allowing students to explore the world through their taste buds. Not only does this introduce them to different cultures, but it also caters to the international palate of our community.


Parent Involvement: WE WANT YOU to Teach Our Chefs New Dishes!


You have questions, we got answers!

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