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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-09-04

What kind of features should an international school have in this day and age? Let's have a look at 10 advantages about CIS!

01:Professional, Highly Qualified Teachers

-Responsible, Caring Teachers, with Alberta and International certifications;

-Strong Commitment to Professional Development, including teacher supervision and evaluation, teacher coaching, mentorship program and regular evaluation.

02:Our World-class Curriculum


FIRST Alberta, Canadian accredited, Pre-K to Grade 12, international school that is monitored by both Canadian and Chinese governments in China.

*Alberta  has the TOP RANKED curriculum in all of Canada.


When students register at CIS, they are registered with the Canadian Education System. They receive an ALBERTA STUDENT NUMBER (ASN) from Canada.

03:Rigorous Curriculum Management


CIS has a planning and supervision of curriculum to help students accurately assess their learning progress.

  • Frequent assessments, to evaluate what students know/what they need to know;

  • Standardized exams in Grades 6, 9 and 12. Diploma (Grade 12) Alberta Exams, similar to A-Levels and IB DP.

04: Our Commitment to Holistic Education


A major advantage of CIS is holistic education which provides great convenience for students to learn happily and grow up healthily. Here are some key features of Holistic Learning :

  • Educating the whole student;

  • Viewing students as part of the whole;

  • Embracing a caring classroom culture;

  • Engaging in experiential learning.

05:Our Educational and Community Events


CIS hosts a number of exciting events all year to educate the whole child and to celebrate our community of 45+ nationalities. 

  • Our Educational and Community Events 

  • Winter and Spring Concerts 

  • International Day 

  • Drama Productions  and Art Showcases 

  • Holiday Celebrations (Chinese, International and Canadian) 

  • STEAM Competitions 

  • Parent Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops 

  • Student Leadership Opportunities 

  • Volunteering and Charity 

  • Sport Tournaments 

06:Learning Core Competencies for a Different Tomorrow


Students are the artists, scientists, thinkers, innovators and leaders of the future. They will be tasked with solving the problems of today, while imagining and creating a new tomorrow. Competencies are critical for equipping CIS students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they will need to successfully navigate their personal journeys in learning, living and working. 

Alberta’s curriculum promotes development of 8 competencies. CIS students develop these competencies within our holistic subject programs of study to achieve their full potential as lifelong learners and active citizens, both today and in the future.

07:Expertise Sharing

Our Expertise from a Family Network of Institutions and Sister Schools


Canadian International Educational Organization (CIEO) was founded in 2000. CIEO has more than 30 schools and independent institutions including international schools, kindergartens, bilingual schools, kid’s growth and development centers, online education, future care, and education and technology incubators. CIEO’s scope covers Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao in the Greater Bay Area and Thailand. 

CIEO is also accredited to operate several international curricula, including IB, Cambridge, Canada and more. CIEO has a professional team of more than 2,300 people, providing quality international education services to nearly 20,000 students from a multitude of countries around the world.

08:Vast Opportunities



CIS provides vast opportunities for Leadership, Sportsmanship, Student Agency, Charity, Artistic Engagement and more.

09:Our Beautiful, Purpose-Built Campus

Our Commitment to Health and Safety. Our Beautiful, Purpose-Built Campus, with State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology.

10:Our Amazing Graduates
CIS Graduates Go Around the World to Top Universities of Choice to Pursue their Passions and Interests.Our Community. At CIS, WeCARE!

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