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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-07-02

The latest pandemic outbreak in Guangzhou has moved from spreading quickly to fully controlled in just less than 3 weeks’ time. During this time period, hospitals, schools, companies, communities and neighbourhoods were organized to undergo mass nucleic testing, repeatedly ensuring everyone's health conditions. 


As a small community here in this southern city, CIS strictly followed the rules on school-wide nucleic testing, as well as having staff volunteering to assist neighbourhood testing. We believe we all have our roles to play in guarding our people's safety. As a team, we contributed and made a difference.

School-wide Nucleic Testing

On June 25, we held our school-wide nucleic testing. Students from Pre-K 2 to Grade 12 followed a strict schedule, lining up and going through the process one by one. With a smooth workflow operated by the professional medical team and our admin staff, testing for everyone in the school was completed in less than 2 hours.

Volunteering As Community Testing Sites

To speed up efficiency in nearby community testing sites, staff from CIS volunteered to help. Whether it was providing procedures for an appointment code or keeping the queues in order under the hot sun, they worked hard and made a difference.

Thank you for your effort, and once again thank you for all the dedicated medical workers! You are heroes!

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