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World Top 50 Universities Spots Confirmed for CIS Students

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-04-20 17:00:14

It's a joyful season at CIS! Congratulations to all Grade 12 students on their acceptences at universities from all around world, with more than half of the offers coming from top 50 universities!


The Canadian (Alberta) curriculum is internationally recognized as one of the best learning systems in the world. Results of the PISA assessment, which is carried out every 2 year by OECD, shows that Alberta (Canada) students rank among the best in the world in reading, math and science. With much higher standards valuing academic performances, students graduate with an Alberta High School Diploma can get an extra 5-10 points when applying for universities in Canada. 

CIS's internationally-respected educational and pastoral program nurture every student to reach high levels of academic, social and personal success. The University Guidance and Careers Office (U-GO) consisting of professional counsellors collaborate with our dedicated team of highly-qualified teachers to prepare all our students to embrace the challenges and opportunities they will face as global citizens. With offers from the world’s most prestigious and top universities, 100% of CIS graduated and graduating students have received offers from universities, and more than half of them are from top 50 universities across the globe! Our students graduate from CIS armed with competencies they need to lead, innovate and succeed at university and beyond.