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Literacy Skills: Important Elements for Lifelong Learning

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-03-31 16:45:21

To read and to write from what you’ve read are two very different meanings. Reading is an excercise of getting information. Literacy skills, on the other hand, are the act of consuming the information, intergreting the content and being able to produce a writing piece based on what's been learnt.

CIS Teaching Core: Equip Students with Lifelong Skills

Literacy is an action-oriented set of skills with reading, researching and writing. It helps students gain knowledge using tools like library, media and technology. Because of a well-structured process to push for critical thinking and continual creating, students are able to come up with new ideas that blend with the changing times, in that to solve real life problems and making the correct decisions. The teaching expectation at CIS is that students are able not only to apply what they've learnt to live safely and productively, but also to continue to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually.


Alberta Curriculum: Examine Learning Outcomes via Regular Literacy Productions

Our amazing CIS primary students are tasked to demonstrate their learning outcomes through a “Classroom Books” production practice. That is to have a proper read through and research on the chosen topics, decode the materials and produce their own pieces of writings based on what they’ve gained.

Within the Canada (Alberta) Curriculum, training students on comprehensive learning and literacy skills is a fundamental need at early education levels. After a careful studying, students need to take on the role of writers, learning to be effective and ethical producers of information, as a proof to their understanding and in-depth processing.

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Learning Commons: Collection of the Knowledge World

As an Alberta (Canada) Accredited School, CIS ensures our students have full opportunities and accesses to a rich library of resource both online and offline. Our state-of-art Learning Commons is the main driving force to push forward successful teaching and studying.