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Parent Involvement at CIS

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-03-15

Parents (not just at CIS but at any school) are likely overwhelmed at the prospect of taking on more responsibility to support their children’s learning. At CIS, our programs are built on inquiry-based, concept-driven, agency supportive approaches to education. As a school, we know that parents want to help their child but sometimes they are not sure exactly how to do so.


Parent Events - Get to Know the What, Why and How in Education

That’s why CIS hosts regular parent-focused events at school, as they impart unto our community hands-on information, tips, advice and more to ensure that we have a coalition of parents who not only understand our philosophy of teaching and learning – but have experience living it.


Our PYP Parent Workshops follow the same philosophy as the IB: Hands-on, Inquiry-based and Transdisciplinary in nature. 


Our Breakfast with Principal is a regular session for parents in different divisions to talk to our leadership team about their child's progress.

Parent Involvement: Your Voice Matters

Our meetings, workshops and gatherings also provide a welcoming space for the voices, opinions, perspectives and needs of our community. Whether it’s a PYP workshop, a pastoral discussion, an ELL information session, a CIS School Council field trip or a chance to meet special guests, all our parent events are purposefully geared to ensure that our community becomes stronger, more caring, and more collaborative and innovative.


Our School Council Community Field Trips initiative involves both at-school and outside of school events for families to connect, learn skills, and make new friends!


Our parents also participate in orientations, Open Days and charity events at CIS. 

The benefactors are of course, our students. With parents and teachers regularly collaborating in the educational development of their children, it provides an assurance to young minds that they have access to reliable support, and helps children understand how deeply their parents care about them and are committed to academic excellence and well-being.


We’ve got plenty of parent events coming up, including our Open Day on March 14! Stay tuned to our class groups and social channels for a chance to attend.

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