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CIS is Now a UCAS Registered Centre!

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-12-02


The path to British universities is now even easier for CIS graduands! CIS is proud to announce that CIS is now a UCAS registered centre. This valuable membership will continue to help our students reach the most prestigious universities in the UK, thanks to the numerous benefits provided by UCAS.


What is UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service)?

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is an organisation based in the UK whose main role is providing assistance with applying to British universities. It provides future students, our parents and our school with assistance regarding applications, free information and advice, aiming for maximum facilitation of the application process, including solving any problems the potential applicants may face. Since CIS is now become a UCAS registered centre, Grade 12 students who would like to continue their education in the UK can go through the application process much more easily, adding yet another feather to our cap!


CIS: Your Path to UK Universities


CIS has channeled students to many British universities including Imperial College London, UCL, University of Manchester, Warwick University, and plenty more!

Now, as a UCAS registered centre, the CIS Universities and Careers Guidance Office (U-GO) can continue to help students successfully complete the entire application process, and has unique access to the students’ applications during the process itself. This way, students will regularly receive reminders for amending their applications, along with suggestions regarding the best possible ways to make them successful in their quest to join top UK universities. Monthly email updates on the application process are another benefit. CIS receives this information directly from UCAS, so all the information is 100% reliable.

CIS will continue to be there for its students even when the UK university application process is over. As a UCAS registered centre, CIS can oversee the entire process – from the submission of the student’s application to its acceptance by a higher education institution in the UK. This way, CIS can see where the application is at all times, whether a school has responded, and finally – if the student has been accepted.

What Does This Membership Mean for CIS Students and Parents?

UCAS provides the best possible information to keep students informed when it comes to the possibilities of studying in the UK. CIS students can see how to shape their personal statement, what courses they are interested in, etc, and this will be delivered to their email address. When your child is attending a school like CIS, which is a now registered UCAS centre, it is easy for the parents to get involved in the preparation process. Parents can count on a wide range of information from UCAS and CIS, based on our expert understanding of students’ talents and achievements.

Of course, CIS U-GO is also the place to turn to for any questions concerning universities.

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