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Orange Shirt Day Commemoration

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-10-28

Orange Shirt Day was established as Canada's 'National Day for Truth and Reconciliation' in 2021, to recognize and commemorate the lost lives and identity of all the Indigenous children in residential schools in Canada.

CIS commemorates this day every year, as part of our connection as a Canadian School, and also as a IB PYP candidate school. 

Memory Walk

CIS students brought their worn shoes to school to form a ‘circle of compassion’ around our outdoor field, so as to affirm our commitment to raise awareness of this pressing matter. As they walked around the path of worn shoes, students took time to learn, to remember, to feel and to empathize with children that were taken away from their childhood and families.

Understanding the history of other people develops empathy within ourselves, and creates an opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves and those around us.


Every Child Matters

Our past, current and future are connected and being a global citizen here at CIS includes learning about our cultural heritage and history of different groups of people around the world. We’re all different, but we all matter. At CIS, every single child matters.


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