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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-09-02


Dear CIS community,

We are back with another academically excellent school year! I hope your summer break was filled with special memories and wonderful connections with loved ones. 

A Larger Community

We have been busy at CIS getting everything ready for both new and returning students and staff. We are very excited to welcome all our new students from age 2-17.  We also have many new international teachers from Canada and all over the world here on our campus, planning and preparing for a new year.  They have been busy getting their rooms and areas ready for our wonderful CIS students.

The school cafeteria is being expanded and students will notice a three-level addition next to our white tent. Our ECE building has had a few updates too, and our campus is looking as stunning as ever. 


CIS Staff - A Big Caring Community!

Stronger Programs

Academic Excellence, Caring Community is our focus for our students and our parents. With a much larger learning and teaching community this year, students and parents will see that over the year we will have to separate the times we welcome parents to the school.  The first example of this will be our Curriculum Nights. We will be asking our ECE, Elementary, Junior High and Senior High parents out on different nights. This helps us control our numbers, but it also helps us serve families more effectively and build stronger partnerships within the community.  We look forward to seeing every parent here at CIS for these Curriculum Nights.

Our ELL team has expanded and we are very excited to offer our new English learners programs after school as well as during their classes in the day. In line with our commitment to academic excellence for all, our Primary ELL students will see their ELL expert for longer hours.  Our Secondary ELL learners will see ELL experts inside the classroom in ALL Core courses during the day and our High School ELL students have specialized ELL blocks for specific and targeted learning. Our Secondary students will be challenged to maintain a strong GPA and when there are academic struggles, they will access our subject experts after school to fill in any gaps in their learning.

Our ASA offerings and our Grizzly Athletics are growing to provide strong options for our students to work together, to develop their core competencies, and to learn new skills.

Our STEAM, Music and Fine Arts programs continue to grow from strength to strength, giving our students unprecedented opportunities to holistically develop their talents. 


10 Years of Excellence: A Better Tomorrow

This year, CIS is going to celebrate 10 years of academic excellence. Please be ready to join a few celebrations and walk back down some memory lanes. It has been quite a journey to where we are, and we're very excited about the direction we are heading to.

As a caring community, we are excited and very grateful for your trust in our professional teachers, staff and our school.  I truly look forward to meeting all of you in the coming weeks.

Yours in Education,

Gary Rehman

Your CIS Principal

Gary Rehman


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