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Books To Read During Canada Day!

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-07-01

OH, CANADA! July 1st is Canada Day! As a Canadian school, CIS celebrates the day with our community in different ways. In honor of our roots, our Librarian Mr. Dean is extremely pleased to share a Canadian-themed collection for students and families to read during the holidays. Our first series features 12 books (or series) that will open doors to Canadian culture, Marvel Heroes and amazing fairy tales. Read on, eh?


Early Readers: Ages 2-6

ABC of Canada

By Per-Henrik Gurth


Author Per-Henrik Gurth has written many books for young readers  that highlights his great love for his adopted country, Canada. 

ABC of Canada is a great alphabetical introduction to all that this great country has to offer! Kids can follow the alphabet on a colorful tour across Canada. And of course, H is for Hockey!

Mr. Men & Little Miss Series

By Roger Hargreaves


Mr. Menand Little Miss have been always very popular, and Mr. Tickle was one of the first books Mr. Dean bought from a book fair! It still remains one of his favourites today. 

There are 92 different Mr. Men and Little Miss books that go through many different personalities. The original author was Roger Hargreaves but his son Adam Hargreaves continues to create new books that are loved by all.

Little Fish Series

By Lucy Cousins


Author Lucy Cousins is one of the most borrowed authors of our library at CIS, and the Little Fish series offers a ton of interactivity for children.

The Little Fish series includes touch and feel books, counting books, colour books and even finger puppet books.

Marvel World of Reading Series

By Marvel Comics


These books are meant for early readers but are also engaging enough for our early elementary readers. Students can be very resistant to picking up levelled reader books that could help them develop skills but Mr. Dean find there are many of students willing to read about their favourite superheroes! There are a few different levelled readers sets for Marvel and could help your child catch upon their reading skills over the summer break!

Grades 1 to 3

A Promise is a Promise

By Michael Kusagak & Robert Munsch


We love to collaborate at CIS, and this collaboration between Michael Kusagak and Robert Munsch brings a huge smile to our faces. 

This traditional Inuit story is about Allashua, who ignores her parents’ warnings and goes fishing on ice, where she is confronted by a troll-like Qallupilluit (Kah-loo-pill-ooo-it)! Allashua has to use quick thinking to save herself and her siblings from the evil creature!

The Hockey Sweater

By Roch Carrier


Almost every child growing up in Canada has a favourite hockey team! For the many children of the very Eastern part of Canada, the Montreal Canadiens are a favorite. They love #9 Maurice “The Rocket” Richard and they love their red hockey jerseys. 

In this story, a young boy’s jersey is worn out and his mom accidentally orders the wrong blue jersey from the Toronto Maple Leafs! Call it fate but Mr. Dean’s father was named Maurice after the famous hockey player, and that is also Mr. Dean’s middle name! He also became a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and has his own blue jersey!

Circle, Square or Triangle

By Jon Klassen


Circle, Square and Triangle by Jon Klassen were amongst my most popular read aloud books this year in our Learning Commons.

Jon Klassen uses dark colours and simple drawings to help the reader focus on the story. Children enjoy these three friends as they play games and perform tricks on each other.

Roald Dahl Books

By Roald Dahl


Hearing this book’s chapters read aloud by Mr. Dean’s childhood librarian was one of his favourite memories of his time in elementary school. 

Roald Dahl wrote many books with a similar style and Mr. Dean says that our CIS Roald Dahl book collection has grown as students love his books. These may be best enjoyed near the end of grade 3 but there are many books written by Roald Dahl that continue to be enjoyed by students of all ages at CIS!

Weird but True! Canada: 300 Outrageous Facts About the True North

By National Geographic


Did you know that a moose can swim as far as 20 kilometers without stopping? Have you heard about the towns of Elbow and Eyebrow in Saskatchewan? What about the world’s largest dinosaur statue in Drumheller, Alberta? 

National Geographic put together a fun filled fact book about Canada and their Weird but True! series has been one of our most popular informational series.

Garfield (Series)

By Jim Davis


Mr. Dean was a reluctant reader but he always enjoyed the Sunday comic strips because they were in colour. The one that stood out the most was the one with the orange cat and Mr. Dean’s local library had every single book! He built up my own collection at home and he is so happy to share this funny comic strip with students at CIS!

DK Encyclopedias (Series)



There are many DK Encyclopedias and these have been very popular for our readers at CIS. They cover almost every topic you can imagine and are very detailed. If your child has a thirst for knowledge, these will definitely be a hit!

The Land Of Stories:The Wishing Spell

By Chris Colfer


Family members have recommended this series because it has been popular for many students in Canada. “When does the next book come back?” is possibly the most popular question in the library! 

In this story, twins Alex and Conner Bailey fall from the real world into a world fully of fairy tales they have only ever read about.Author Chris Colfer recently wrote the prequel series – A Tale of Magic, and that is also been very popular as well.

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