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Canadian Standard Exams at CIS

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-06-17

From the start of their educational journeys, CIS students’ paths are paved just like their peers in Alberta (Canada). With school year coming to an end. Our Grade 6, Grade 9 and Grade 12 students are in the midst of their Alberta (Canada) standard exams this week.


What are Canadian Standard Exams?

Every school year, Alberta students (both local and international students) in Grade 6 and 9 write their Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs). Our Grade 12 graduands write the Diploma Exams (DIPs). The exams cover four core subjects in the Alberta Curriculum: English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. As an Alberta Accredited International School (AAIS), CIS students write the exact same exams as students in Alberta.


The Test for Both Learning AND Teaching

These standardized exams are recognized worldwide as one of the fairest yet highly academically challenging exams in the English-speaking world. It’s not only examining the learning achievement of students, but also reflecting the teaching quality of teachers.

The main purposes for Diploma exams for Grade 12 students, as stated by Alberta Education, is:

· To certify the level of individual student achievement in selected Grade 12 courses

· To ensure that province-wide standards of achievement are maintained

· To report individual and group results.

· Assures universities that student marks are valid, enabling them to accept our students more easily.

The main purpose of the Provincial Achievement Tests for Grade 6 and 9 students is:

· Determine if students are learning what they are expected to learn

· Report to Albertans how well students have achieved provincial standards at given points in their schooling

· Assist schools, authorities and the province in monitoring and improving student learning


What Will the Exam Results Tell Us?

Usually for Grade 12 students, the Diploma Exam (10-30% of the final) is blended with the School Awarded mark (70-90% of the final) to come up a Final Mark (100%) which is recorded on a student’s Official Transcript. Their transcript and Alberta High School Diploma are key materials for university applications and acceptances. This year, CIS graduands have received a record-breaking 100+ offers, and 84% of them have been granted admission to top 100 universities around the world!

For Grade 6 and 9 students, the PATs results reflect if they are ready to move on to next level of their studies, in middle and high school. Teachers use the information they receive from the PATs to inform their practice and create personalized plans to achieve academic excellence.


In all standardized exams, it is important for students, teachers, school and parents to understand that one test cannot be the only evaluation of students’ progress. Just like learning doesn’t happen in one day, a mark for a class shouldn’t be based on one day either. Assessments happen throughout the year in all subjects in different forms like exhibitions, presentations and showcases. This is how CIS ensures that students learn and develop core competencies, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they will need to successfully navigate their personal journeys in learning, life and beyond.

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