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Offer from Zhejiang University: New Pathway to CIS Graduates

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-05-06 16:10:51


We are proud to announce that this year our Grade 12 student Aryam has received a groundbreaking offer from a prestigious university in China (mainland): Zhejiang University (ZJU).

Consistently ranked among top 5 academic institutions in China as of 2022, ZJU is ranked 45th globally by the QS University Rankings. In the 2021 Chinese College Entrance Examination (Gaokao), Zhejiang University admitted only 0.91% of its domestic applicants, with lowest admissions baseline of 647 points, which is 58 points higher than first-tier university average admissions requirements.

When it comes to applying to top universities like ZJU in China, what unique advantages do CIS students have compared to others?


Offer from Zhejiang University

Key to Success: Different Process, Same Recognized Creditials

The process of getting into top Chinese universities is quite different for international students. For most top universities, international students are enrolled based on their academic performance in senior high school, language proficiency and performance in the admissions interview. A globally recognized high school diploma and transcript (such as the Alberta High School Diploma) is also required as proof that a student is a qualified candidate for admissions.

During her application process, Aryam received excellent advice from her CIS teachers and our University and Career Guidance Office (U-GO), helping her highlight her strengths in her personal statement and admissions interview, ensuring that she left a good impression on the ZJU admissions team. (Click to read about interview Dos and Don'ts from CIS U-GO!)


The world-recognized Canadian Alberta High School Diploma

The CIS Advantages – Holistic Education Offers Pathways to Global Universities

Many prestigious universities in China prefer international candidates that have lived and studied domestically, when though they may have attended international schools. We know that our students have various pathways and not all of them may want to travel overseas to study. As such, CIS offers an integrated program that combines Chinese and Western culture and cultivates outstanding international students who can quickly adapt to Chinese university life.


We wish Aryam all the best in her education journey. We also look forward to seeing more CIS graduates move on to prestigious universities in China and overseas!

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