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Sign Up for CIS Summer Camp 2022!

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-04-23 09:45:08

CIS is thrilled to announce our 2022 Summer Camp program! With a full English immersion environment, diverse topics and exciting activities, you will surely find suitable programs based on your child's interests and language levels.


Your Child Will Be Able to 

1. Use English in daily classes, improve their English thinking and expression skills.

2. Develop an interest in subjects such as English Language Arts, Science, Math, History and Art.

3. Master a variety of learning methods and comprehensively improve learning and comprehension ability.

4. Learn in a multi-cultural environment and enhance teamwork, communication and leadership skills.


Project Highlights

1. Authentic Canadian (Alberta) Curriculum to Improve your Child’s Academics

All classes are taught by CIS teachers, using the Alberta Curriculum. Our classes aim to enlighten children's cognition in social humanities and natural sciences, as well as improve English literacy and use of expression.

2. Transdisciplinary Skills and Improvement of Comprehensive Abilities

Diverse learning topics, project-based learning method and maker mindset are adopted to cultivate children's transdisciplinary thinking. We aim to effectively improve their problem-solving, independent thinking and critical thinking skills.

3. Holistic Education

From academic programs to sports and art appreciation, combined with knowledge and character building, we educate children in all aspects of growth and development.


International Education Academic Camps

If you want to develop your child’s interests in different academic subjects, or want to improve their academic and comprehensive ability, sign up for our 2-week Academic Camps (based on the age of your child).

Dates: 2-week day camp,July 4-15, July 18-29, August 8-19

Time: Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm

Location: Canadian International School of Guangzhou

Age: 2-12 Years Old


Academic Classes

We will use practical methods to enhance your child’s English ability in an age-appropriate setting. In addition to language learning, rich and interesting topics will be taught. Students aged 2-12 will familiarize themselves with themes through reading, listening and writing, and then expand their skillset by learning vocabulary, songs and art.


Through a variety of interesting challenges, we will guide students (even from age 2!) to turn their ideas into reality through design thinking processes, promote their ability to cooperate in project-based learning, and inspire their inner scientists, artists, mathematicians and engineers.

Sports and More!

In addition to classes, there are also a wealth of sports activities to get students moving. Pre-Kindergarten students will mainly focus on physical movements in group activities and obstacle challenges to enhance their physique and teamwork skills. Students in elementary level will enjoy more activities, including singing, swimming, equestrian, golf, gymnastics and more.


Grizzly Sports Camp (Mornings ONLY)

Our Grizzly Sports Camp focuses on multiple sports, with a central focus on soccer. Through two weeks of soccer training, your child will learn individual offensive skills, team combat strategies, and how to apply what they have learned in matches. In addition, they get to experience a variety of different sports such as gymnastics, basketball, floor hockey, table tennis, swimming and more!

Dates: 2-week half-day camp. July 4-15 / August 8-19

Time: Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 12:00pm

Location: Canadian International School of Guangzhou

Age: 8-14 Years Old



STEAM Camp (Afternoons ONLY)

This tech camp is open to beginner and intermediate makers who will explore and learn game design and Python programming language using Minecraft. Python is the programming language of choice for artificial intelligence (machine learning). Students will learn how to program with various sensors to solve real-world problems. In addition, students will learn about circuit boards and electronic components to build AI lamps and participate in the global Do Your: Bit Challenge.

Date: 2-week half-day camp.July 4-15

Time: Monday to Friday,1:15pm – 3:00pm

Location: Canadian International School of Guangzhou

Age: 8-14 Years Old



English Language Arts and Career Exploration Camp

This summer camp mainly includes three components: Academic English, Career Exploration and Outdoor Development.

In English Language Arts (ELA), teachers use a project-based learning approach to develop children's language skills, and through reading and writing, children are encouraged and guided to think about and describe their ideal future careers and explore their career interests. In addition to language learning, this camp also looks to improve your child’s comprehensive abilities, including retrieval, interpretation and research ability.

Dates: 1-week day camp,July 4-8 / August 8-12

Time: Monday to Friday, 9am – 3pm

Location: Canadian International School of Guangzhou

Age: 12-16 Years Old



English Language Enhancement Camp (Afternoons ONLY)

According to the English level of students in each key educational stage, students can steadily improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Importance will be attached to students' classroom experience, and classroom learning activities will be designed so that students can develop their interest in English learning and improve their use of English expression.

Teacher accreditation: Ms. Lily Davies (Master of English Linguistics, IELTS 8.0, full score for reading, IELTS and TOEFL accredited teacher)

Dates: 2-week half-day camp, July 4-15 / August 8-19

Time: 1:15pm – 3:00pm

Location: Canadian International School of Guangzhou

Age: 14-16 Years Old



Price and Services


Early Bird Price

Sign up before May 30th and enjoy a 12% off discount! (Both CIS and non-CIS students)

Lunches and Snacks

Lunches and snacks are optional and will be charged separately (RMB200/week/student). Please indicate any food allergies or other special dietary restrictions on the registration form.


Buses will be available to transport students to and from the Merchant Hill campus each day at an additional cost. The actual route map will be determined once enrolment is finalized. Parents may also choose to drop their child off at the school and pick them up themselves.


Please contact the Student Service team on 020-3993 9333.

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