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Class Spotlight | Time For Camping!

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-04-15

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It’s the time of the year when the leaves are turning green, the air is crisp and the sun is shining! That can only mean one thing: It’s time to go school camping with our young learners! Why does CIS teach students aged 2 these lifelong skills?


As many children tend to struggle with moving out of their comfort zone, activities such as camping build important life skills beyond holistic curriculum. With more children spending time indoors than ever before, their environment, for many, is predictable, secure and closely monitored. Whilst stability is beneficial, spending time indoors and constantly stimulated won’t help a child to grow in confidence or develop resilience. 

Working out where to pitch, helping to put up a tent, finding the campsite shop and being sent to pick up supplies, dealing with adversity (broken poles, forgotten tent pegs, bad weather), by comparison are all great ways of building resilience. When children learn that they can effectively deal with adversity, they become more robust and confident individuals. Camping gives children the freedom to explore, a boost in creativity, and brings them closer to nature. These are all leadership skills that we aim to cultivate resilience in our young learners, moving them one step closer to fulfilling our motto of ‘Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow’!



Going camping, even just for one morning, can be super fun! A new environment, other kids to meet and play with, putting up a tent, sleeping under the stars, and unfamiliar sights and sounds all make for a fun-filled adventure. 

The past week, our Pre-Kindergarten 2 learners explored the many facets of camping through different discovery centres. They set up a tent, prepared their sleeping bags, built a fake campfire, sat around it, held hands, sang songs, had a picnic, hung laundry, and enjoyed some toasted marshmallows! And of course, as a Canadian school, we couldn’t help but organize a grizzly bear hunt! Before our camping day, students made themselves hunter hats and camping lights. They also learnt a camping theme song "The Camping We Will Go," and read "Pete the Cat Goes Camping."



A sense of adventure, healthy lifestyle and a focus on activities that promote future leadership are a huge part of our daily routine. If you want to see more, book a visit to CIS today and we'll be happy to show you around! After all, nothing beats seeing true learning in ACTION!


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