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Class Spotlight | Describe Your Future Career

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-04-15 16:55:49

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Reading and writing are tightly connected skills in our English Language Arts (ELA) program of study, and it is thoroughly explored through our focus on Project-based Learning (PBL). In CIS, our teachers are constantly looking at developing students' ELA skills and encouraging them to think and describe their future careers as early as possible. What do Grade 3 students want to do for a career? Let's take a look!


What do you need to do if you want to be a lawyer? Check out some tips from one of the Grade 3 students. 

From Reading to Writing

In Grade 3, our students are reading a few different read-aloud novels from the Mallory series, written by Laurie Friedman. In a book called “Honestly, Mallory”, students followed the main character Mallory McDonald through her life as her class prepares to host their Career day. To match this story, they started a Career Day Writing project.


This project was created to parallel the story in ELA but also to review and practice students using technology to research a career that they are interested in. The learning outcomes of this project incorporate students using technology to search, interpret and synthesize information they have gathered. Students focused their attention on using their comprehension strategies to construct meaning from their research sources, and combine their findings into meaningful paragraphs. Students also continued improving their drafting, editing and revising skills that we have been practicing since the beginning of the year.


One of our students wants to be a school principal. He researched key skills, training he needs for the job, and wrote about his responsibilities and some fun facts about his future chosen career!

Beyond Language Learning

Students working on this project worked to develop their time management skills as well as evaluate the types, relevancy and sources of information they were using. These are 21st century skills that are critical for future success, no matter where their path takes them.



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