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CIS Graduate Pathways to Canada’s 1st Ranked University

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2022-04-15

Can I apply to top universities in America, Hong Kong, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and of course, Canada? Will the (Canadian) Alberta Diploma offer an admission pathway to my dream university? Will a CIS education open doors for me in the future?

These are questions that both our parents and students have asked us before. And the answers to all of these questions is an overwhelming YES!

This year, CIS is overjoyed to announce that 4 of our Grade 12 students have received 6 offers from the prestigious University of Toronto, in majors like Social Science, Humanities, Commerce and Management. And we’re expecting more in the coming weeks!


The University of Toronto is ranked 1st in CANADA and in the top 25 in the WORLD. Among public universities, U of T continues to be ranked 5th in North America and 7th globally.


General Rankings of University of Toronto are kept in Top 25 around the world

Over the past two years, applicant numbers for U of T has increased significantly, especially from overseas. Requiring an enviable GPA average of at least 85% as well as solid study habits, academic excellence, awards, holistic focus and application essays, it surely takes true commitment to get an offer from University of Toronto.

With competition so fierce, how did our 4 graduates achieve such an excellent achievement? How did CIS collaborate with our families to ensure that our students can indeed pursue their dreams and gain admission to Canada’s top university? This is the CIS ADVANTAGE! Read on!

Our Advantages – A Rigorous Curriculum that is Recognized by Global Universities

At CIS, we know how well-recognized the Canadian (Alberta) curriculum is, and how it is respected around the world for its academic rigor and preparation for life beyond high school. Global and Canadian universities are so familiar with the reputation of the Alberta curriculum that students graduating from an Alberta Accredited International School (AAIS) like CIS are considered very strong candidates for admissions to world-class international universities. All CIS students are registered with the Canadian (Alberta) government and have an Alberta Student Number (ASN). Armed with a Canadian High School Diploma, student credentials can be transferred and recognized easily by global universities during the application process. Getting an offer to a prestigious university like U of T is no easy feat but then again, our students have an advantage: They are graduating from CIS with a highly-coveted Canadian High School Diploma, and we’ve worked with our students to ensure that they are ready for university, work and life beyond school!


The well-recognized Canadian Alberta High School Diploma

The CIS Advantages – Holistic Education Offers Pathways to Global Universities

Unlike traditional Chinese College Entrance Exams (Gaokao), the Canadian (Alberta) High School Diploma Exams accounts for 10-30% of their final High School Diploma Results. The remainder comes from their projects and class performance. That being said, the Alberta Diploma reflects the whole performance of the student throughout their High School years, and does not just focus on the results of a single exam. Without endless training for tests, students can explore their interests and develop their skills in leadership, sports, fine arts, music and more, and devote time and effort to prepare for their application statements and university interviews, contributing holistically towards final applications to universities around the world.


Excited to learn more about how we’ve helped students excel? Stay tuned for more graduate stories coming up on our official CIS media channels and website.

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