Student Spotlight | Fiona Shu

Student Spotlight is a regular series, where we meet various members of our student community.

Each year, we have new students and families joining the CIS community. Meet Fiona Shu, a Grade 12 student at CIS. A talented pianist and a movie lover, Fiona joined CIS upon her return from United States. She took a few minutes from her schedule to speak to us about her academic journey at CIS, and how busy she has been with university applications.


Hi Fiona, thank you for sharing your school life to our community. So what does your day look like at CIS?

This semester, I am taking English Language Arts, Chinese Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. In a nutshell, it’s busy but it is very fulfilling too! Apart from learning different subjects, my day would be mostly spent with my friends and classmates. We also sometimes stay after school to study together. Currently, my favourite subject is Math and Science!

Why did you choose to come to CIS, and how do you like your school life here now?

I chose to attend CIS because my family and I felt that a Canadian curriculum would be most suitable for my academic journey. I was born in Canada, and my first-choice universities are in Canada. My learning experience at CIS thus far is different from my previous school in the US because I used to attend a boarding arts high school and I was far apart from home, so I had to learn to be more independent. I like my life here better as I get to live with my family and see them every day! Moreover, I love the community and warmth school atmosphere her at CIS!


What universities are you applying for? How has the CIS University and Careers Office (U-GO) supported you in your university application process?

I am applying to music programs in universities and also music conservatories, majoring in piano performance. As a music student, apart from my academic reports and application material, I also need to have a full repertoire and recorded videos to send to my chosen schools. I have finished all the preparation with assistance from CIS U-GO and our Principal Mr. Gary Rehman. I look forward to hearing back from my dream school. It’s very exciting!


Fiona, we are so proud of your success! Keep on going! Go Grizzlies!

Thank you! I am so happy to be a part of this caring community. Grizzlies for life!

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