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CIS Graduates Enjoy Success Around the World

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2021-02-10

CIS Graduates Enjoy Success Around the World

Founded in 2012, CIS now has 5 graduating classes (2016-2020) from high school and we are proud to say ALL of our graduates have received offers from universities and colleges around the world. Moreover, 42% of them got offers from TOP 100 universities!

CIS Alumni Attending TOP Universities and Colleges Around the World

As the first Alberta (Canada) accredited K-12 international school in China (Mainland), CIS thrives to prepare our students for a successful future. Below are world-class universities where CIS graduates are currently studying.

University of Toronto, Ranked No.1 in Canada (Ranked No.25 in the QS World University Ranking)

McGill University, Ranked No.2 in Canada (Ranked No.31 in the QS World University Ranking)

Imperial College London, Ranked No.3 in UK (Ranked No.8 in the QS World University Ranking)

University College London, Ranked No.4 in UK (Ranked No.10 in the QS World University Ranking)

University of Warwick, Ranked No.10 in UK (Ranked No.61 in the QS World University Ranking)

University of Sydney, Ranked No.2 in Australia (Ranked No.40 in the QS World University Ranking)

University of Melbourne, Ranked No.3 in Australia (Ranked No.41 in the QS World University Ranking)

University of Queensland, Ranked No.5 in Australia (Ranked No.46 in the QS World University Ranking)

University of Hong Kong, Ranked No.1 in HK (Ranked No.22 in the QS World University Ranking)

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Ranked No.2 in HK (Ranked No.27 in the QS World University Ranking)

So, how does CIS prepare students for university? How does CIS cultivate future leaders who have unlimited opportunities? The answer can be found in 3 key phrases: Our World-recognized Alberta Diploma, Professional University and Careers Guidance, and Early Academic and Career Planning.

World Recognized Alberta (Canada) Diploma

Every student who graduates from CIS receives a high school diploma directly from the Alberta (Canada) Government, which is recognized all over the world. Our graduates are true international citizens. They don’t just go to Canada to pursue further education, they also choose US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries. The world-recognized Alberta Diploma has opened unlimited doors for each of our graduates, from Canada, to the WORLD.

Professional University and Careers Guidance

CIS offers professional university and careers counselling. The University and Careers Guidance Office (U-GO) advises students and parents on future decisions and choices that are best suited to them, including university admission standards and procedures, as well as current trends. The team works closely with families to facilitate the application process: prepare relevant documents like reference letter, collect transcript from Alberta Education, and complete information on students’ qualifications for admission. With professional assistance of our counselors, each of graduates can receive 3 offers on average.

Early Academic and Career Planning

We don't wait until Grade 12 to think about university applications. At CIS, we start academic planning as soon as our students are ready to think about the future, and this can start as early as Junior High. The rigorous yet flexible Alberta Curriculum allows students to choose subjects that better fits their career planning and prepare them for higher education in university. Our counselors meet with students regularly to make sure they're on the right track for their goals.

#Future-ready Events at CIS

During Careers Week, we invited professionals to share their career insights with students from Grade 7 to 12, preparing them for an ever-changing world. Every September, CIS holds a University Fair where university and college representatives around the world come to CIS, meet face-to-face with our high school students and provide information on admissions requirements. This is the best time for our seniors to explore their dream schools.

Staying True to the CIS Motto

Together, our community works hand-in-hand to make our vision a reality. CIS is proud and honored to be your child's partner in every step of the way of their education journey.

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