About Us

Successful schools build great teams. Here at CIS, we know the significance of community, relationships, inclusiveness and the power of people as they come together for a common purpose and mission.

The CIS teaching team consists of lifelong learning professionals accredited by Alberta (Canada) Education and trained in the inquiry framework of the IB PYP. They excel at offering our students opportunities to achieve academic excellence in a caring community. Our Educational Assistants (EAs) are caring professionals with teaching certificates and years of experience working with diverse needs. With their full support, our students are given the tools they need to develop both intellectual and emotional intelligence and to face all the challenges ahead in their journey to become global citizens.


  • Anton Oosthuizen

    ELL Teacher

  • Alejandro Jaramillo

    ELL Teacher

  • Lorie Rehman

    Learning Commons Coordinator

  • Hind Laaziz

    ELL Teacher

  • Alexander Lunder

    ELL Teacher

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