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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2024-04-17

Australia is one of the world's most economically advanced countries and a nation possessing top-tier educational resources. This summer, join us on a journey to Melbourne, Australia, for an immersive study experience! Visit world-renowned universities, come face-to-face with academic achievers; integrate into local high school life as an "exchange student"; stay with high-quality host families to experience authentic Australian life; and explore Melbourne to understand the charm of Australia's nature and cultural essence!


Prestigious University Tours, with Face-to-Face Interaction with Top Scholars

We will lead children on tours of Australia's top universities, the University of Melbourne and Monash University, offering an in-depth understanding of Australian education and campus life, broadening their international horizons.

The University of Melbourne is Australia's number one university, established in 1853, ranked 14th in the 2024 QS World University Rankings, and is one of the world's top public research universities, having produced eight Nobel laureates. The campus architecture is beautiful and distinctive, ranging from Victorian to postmodern styles.


Monash University is among the top 50 universities in the world, the largest intensive research university in Australia, ranked 42nd in the 2024 QS World University Rankings, with several disciplines at the top of global rankings. Monash University's pharmacy and pharmacology lead the world in their field.


Authentic Class Immersion, so You can Experience an Australian Classroom

We have arranged a two-day high school class immersion experience for children. They will attend classes with local students at high-quality high schools selected by the local education board, participate in school activities, and make local friends. Based on the Victorian curriculum standards, they will have the opportunity to experience various courses offered in local high schools, including mathematics, English, second language lessons, physical education, science, and elective courses such as visual arts, cooking, woodworking, textiles, performing arts, and more.


Deeply Savor Melbourne, and Appreciate Its Natural and Cultural Charm

Step into William Angliss Institute to experience the art of coffee making; check in at landmarks such as the State Library of Victoria, the graffiti alleys, and the Queen Victoria Market to feel the multicultural charm of Melbourne; tour the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, take a tram to circle the city, and enjoy Melbourne's lush greenery.

Visit the Yarra Valley, indulge in fine food and nature's gifts; on the Great Ocean Road, marvel at the natural wonder of the Twelve Apostles; explore the historical sites of Mount Dandenong, and enjoy family fun time at Phillip Island. Melbourne's journey through art, nature, and history awaits your experience!


Local Homestay to Experience Real Australian Life

Stay with high-quality host families, experience the charm of Australia's multiculturalism, and establish international friendships

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