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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2024-02-09

At the CIS IDEA Lab, the air buzzes with creativity as students embark on an immersive journey blending Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM). With Tinker CAD and 3D printing at their fingertips, our students are becoming architects of innovation, designing virtual communities that bridge their imagination with the real world. 

Let’s find out how our Grade 6 students are turning their Math Scaling and Ratio project to life!


Underpinning their designs is a deep dive into mathematical concepts, where angles, symmetry, and geometry spring to life from the screen, transforming into tangible 3D printed models. This hands-on project not only cements their understanding of math but also empowers them with problem-solving skills and design thinking—essential tools for the leaders of tomorrow.

The excitement of seeing their mathematical calculations materialize into 3D structures is unmatched for both students and teachers. Let's celebrate the innovative spirit of our students as they build not just models, but confidence and a love for interdisciplinary learning. Join us in this educational adventure at CIS, where every project is a step towards a brighter, smarter future! Apply to enrol at CIS today! 

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