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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2024-02-26

"Is my child doing well at school?"

"What do these grades mean?"

"What subject areas should we focus on for overall improvement?"

These are questions that were answered in today’s CIS Talks Workshop: "Understanding Your Child's Report Card." By sharing our assessment and evaluation process, our team helped parents understand their child’s performance at school, and how to use report cards as a pivotal tool for family discussion and student growth.


Decoding the Grades

CIS is an Alberta (Canada) Accredited International School (AAIS) and an IB PYP Candidate School, hence teachers use specific grade level learning outcomes in the Alberta (Canada) Curriculum. For our Early Years and Elementary School students, learning is also evaluated using the IB PYP framework.


Evaluation charts on our report cards can be perplexing. During the workshop, we broke down what each level signifies, relating them to specific learning outcomes for parents to understand what goals we are looking at for student growth.

Beyond the Grades: Skills and Behaviors

Academic achievement is one part of the whole story; the development of skills and behaviors is another. In the workshop, we discussed other aspects on report cards like thinking, communication and problem-solving skills, which are integral for molding well-rounded individuals who are ready for unknown challenges in the future.


Standardized vs. Individualized Comments

Apart from consistent standardized evaluation, teachers also provide individualized feedback about areas of strengths and challenges/improvement. CIS is fully committed to catering to each student’s individual learning journey, and these tailored comments (delivered in meetings, through calls and in groups) pave constructive pathways toward setting future learning objectives that will benefit your child.


A report card is more than a document—it's a conversation starter. Our doors are always open to discuss and support the successful academic journey of each and every student! Do email, call or message your teachers if you need to learn more about your child’s progress.

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