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Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-09-28

Last week, we held our interactive PYP Parent Workshop, kicking off this year’s ‘CISTalks.’ (Click here to learn more about CISTalks). We're truly thankful to all the parents who came to campus to connect in person and share their insights, opinions and feedback.


We started our PYP workshop with one crucial question: “What’s the most important thing you want your child to learn at school?"


With answers varying from parent to parent, one thing was abundantly clear: Each and every one of our families wanted their child to be ready and equipped for an unknown future. This begs a very important question: How can we, as a school, ensure that our children are prepared for the unknown, unpredictable, and unseen future? 

In line with our mission, motto and core values, IB PYP is all about learning for an unknown future. At CIS, the purpose of our program of education is not merely the delivery of information. It is to enable young minds to be lifelong problem solvers and decision makers who possess practical and application-based skills that are transferable to real life. 

As one parent beautifully put it, "I want my child to be able to tackle any challenge in her life with a smile." This is precisely why we love the IB PYP, for our parents can sleep well knowing that it truly equips our students with lifelong skills, both now and tomorrow!


For the Love of Learning

"I love how the school encourages my child's individuality," shared another parent.


But what does happiness and individuality truly mean in this context? In our workshop, we dug deeper, revealing further insights and showing practical examples of the power of student agency. 


By giving everyone a chance to talk, offer their opinions, and cultivate and enhance their thinking, no matter the language, no matter right or wrong, we showed parents how the PYP values everyone's ideas and fosters confidence in every learner to develop their skills and plant the seeds of a lifelong love of learning. As we have all witnessed with our recent graduating class, where 88% of students went to the top 100% universities, you can be assured that language and knowledge will naturally develop over time. 


How to Become a PYP Parent?

We ended the session by reading a story together, a simple yet powerful activity that connected us all. 


While the PYP has proven to be a strong framework, becoming a true IB PYP parent and reinforcing the same learner attributes to your child at home is critical and powerful for continued academic excellence.

We have heard your feedback for more, and we cannot wait to host our next PYP workshop this October. Titled 'How to be a PYP Parent,' attendees will be given a handy take-home guide to promote learning at home. Keep your eyes open for the information poster on CIS Social Media!

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