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CIS Welcomes the Smurfs!

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-04-28


A very ‘Smurfin’ welcome to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Guangzhou! As part of our annual Read-In Week literacy event, CIS welcomed the Belgian Consulate and the Smurfs to our campus for a ‘once in a blue moon’ celebration like no other.

Learning all the Smurfs During CIS Read-In Week!

Did you know that…



Mr. Ruben Versmessen, the Deputy Consul General of Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Guangzhou, was our Consulate guest reader for the week, and he enthralled students with his passion and knowledge of the Smurfs, as well as his brilliant dancing skills!


Introducing Belgian Culture to CIS

CIS is an international community that consists of more than 45 nationalities. It has been our tradition to host cultural weeks with extensive support from our consulate and chamber connections. Learning about various cultures, icons and traditions are important facets of our IB PYP adventure for students to understand "Where we are in place and time", and expand our vision of the world and the communities we thrive in.


This week, our students had a "taste" of some Belgian flavors from famous Belgian brands, including, waffles and chocolate sponsored by Puratos, cookies from Lotus Biscoff, and even fries with mayonnaise.

Thank you again to our distinguished consulate guests, our snack sponsors and the legendary Smurfs themselves for making our learning journey “sweeter” and FUN!


Ready for CIS’ International Day? Stay tuned for our biggest cultural celebration of the year!

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