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Mini MUN Conference 2023!

Canadian International School of Guangzhou 2023-05-05

At CIS, Model United Nations (MUN) is uniquely embedded into our IB PYP framework to provide young students with exciting opportunities to enhance their leadership, diplomacy and collaboration skills, and explore the issues and challenges that impact our planet today.


A Student-led, Future-Ready Process of Inquiry and Action

During the initial inquiry process, students examined the differences between children’s' rights and responsibilities, as well as many international aid organizations that help provide humanitarian aid around the world.


Part of the inquiry process included learning from peers, so the Grade 3 students invited Grade 5 student Hanaiah, to share what it was like to be a delegate at the Beijing National MUN competition, and what she has learnt along her MUN journey. Peer sharing is an excellent way to learn from each other!

As they solidified their research and ideas, delegates choose a country to represent, and spent a few more weeks researching their member state information. They identified problems existing in their countries and as a team, came up with some potential solutions.

After several weeks of diligent preparation, research and practice, our Grade 3 student-led MUN General Assembly was held, with a room full of parents in attendance. As they delivered their final speeches, delegates followed protocols and modelled learner profiles such as being well-organised critical thinkers and respectful communicators as they delivered their final speeches.


For our parents in attendance, it was clear that this was a sign of their children ‘growing up’!

For my daughter, this MUN experience was successful in not only enhancing her ability to think with an unbiased perspective, but also in driving her to think creatively about realistic solutions to solve some of the burning issues affecting the world today. Thank you, Grade 3 team, for this excellent opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills!

——Grade 3 Parent


Congratulations to the all the Grade 3 delegates on a job well done! CIS is so proud of our future leaders.

IB Transdisciplinary Theme: Where We Are in Place and Time

Our IB transdisciplinary theme was "Where we are in place in time", and students examined the central idea of "Why should I be a global citizen?” In this unit, students looked at different ways that they can be global citizens: Someone who recognises that they belong to a community greater than themselves, the importance of taking care of each other and our planet, and that the world is made up of people who speak different languages and have different beliefs, cultures and perspectives. All these skills are essential parts of the IB Learner Profile, and through this learning process, students gained core competencies that they need to face the challenges of an unknown future.

CIS is fully committed to providing opportunities for students to learn today, and become a responsible leader for tomorrow. We invite you to come in and join us for a tour, so you can meet our future leaders!


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