Alberta is one of Canada’s most dynamic provinces and an international leader in education. Alberta’s world-class Kindergarten to Grade 12 education system has an excellent reputation and is recognized as one of the best in the English speaking world.

CIS is the first Alberta(Canada) accredited K-12 international school that’s monitored by both Canadian and Chinese government in mainland China, providing Alberta curriculum to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in English. Once students complete Grade 12 they will receive an Alberta High School Diploma and apply directly to top-ranking universities around the world. CIS is a trustworthy university gateway!

Rigorous Curriculum

A challenging, flexible and varied program of studies combined with provincial standardized exams prepares students for post-secondary international school education.

Focus on Innovation and Critical Thinking

The Alberta curriculum emphasizes conceptual understanding and skill development that can be transferred across multiple domains.

Globally Recognized

The Alberta curriculum is internationally recognized as one of the best learning systems in the world. Students consistently place in the top tier of international rankings.

Comprehensive Education

The Alberta curriculum emphasizes a broad liberal arts education with opportunities for excellence in the arts, athletics, leadership and community service.

Highly Professional Teachers

The Alberta curriculum is taught by certified teachers who possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s of Education and are committed to the highest professional standards, ensuring high quality instruction. CIS provides an immersive English education!

Gateway to Top Universities

Students who graduate with an Alberta Diploma receive acceptances to leading universities and colleges around the world.

Comprehensive Accreditation Process

Becoming an Alberta accredited international school requires leadership commitment, planning, resources and annual reviews. Schools must go through annual comprehensive on-site approval process conducted by the Alberta government in order to maintain their accreditation, including teacher observations, review of curriculum inplementation and surveys.

Alberta Canada curriculum focuses on



Creating and innovating

Critical thinking

Cultural and global citizenship

Managing information

Personal growth and well-being

Problem solving

Did you know?

In the PISA 2018 study, Alberta’s students:

Ranked first in all Canada provinces, and 3rd in Reading, 4th in Science, 9th in Math in the World.

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