About Us

Academic Excellence, Caring Community

Our Mission

We, the community of the Canadian International School of Guangzhou, strive to create an environment that will support the intellectual, cultural, physical, social and emotional growth of the individual. In so doing, we believe that our efforts will enable our students, as global citizens, to live rich and fulfilling lives and consequently contribute throughout their lifetime to the betterment of themselves, their community and society at large.

Our Vision:

Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

Our Core Values:

Collaborate, Innovate, Succeed

Academic Excellence: 100% of Our Graduates  Are Accepted by Top 100 Unviersities Worldwide

Academic excellence is the demonstrated ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities. Every child is capable of excellence in every subject area, and that excellence is a measurement of their individual progress and growth. Our educational program at CIS aims to define a path of performance excellence derived from a holistic approach and a collaborative academic culture that will sustain a world-class learning experience for students. CIS prides itself on providing an academically holistic program of great rigor, preparing our students for QS top university enrolment around the world. While much is expected of our staff to foster academic excellence, students are expected to take responsibility for their academic success as well. As a community of learners, teachers and students work collaboratively and innovatively to empower students to feel a sense of pride and ownership in all facets of their well-rounded education. At CIS, students will truly be provided with the knowledge, insight, and skills needed to under- stand, contribute to, and lead in a rapidly changing world.

CIS has 8 high school graduating classes (Class of 2016 to Class of 2023) to date. 100% of them have graduated with an Alberta (Canada) Diploma and received offers from universities around the world. In 2024, 100% of our graduates received offers from Top 100 universities world, including University of Toronto, University of Hong Kong,University of Manchester, University of Melbourne, and plenty more.


Caring Community

CIS offers a holistic and student-focused approach to education. Here, learning is enhanced and accelerated, growth through diversity is encouraged, individual uniqueness is respected, and personal excellence is fostered by our professional and dedicated staff. Enriched programs, the latest technology and a supportive and inclusive environment all contribute to the well-rounded education of students. A major advantage of CIS is our commitment to viewing students as part of the whole, embracing a caring classroom culture and engaging in experiential learning through both in and beyond the classroom.


CIS is a true international community, with foreign families and staff from more than 50 nationalities. Every year, our partners and friends from consulates, chambers and multinational organizations in Guangzhou come to celebrate different cultures and promote international-mindedness, providing unique learning opportunities for CIS community. Our students are truly a part of an international community that nurtures them to be confident and engaged global citizens.

Core Competencies

At CIS, we promote 8 core competencies for students to be successful at school, at work and in life. But how do we do that? These core competencies are developed and applied through subject content and learning experiences that are designed around the Alberta Curriculum and IB PYP framework, its learning outcomes and our philosophy of holistic education.

  • Creativity &

  • Critical thinking

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Managing

  • Problem solving

  • Personal growth&well-being

  • Cultural & global citizenship

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